The Susan Parish Collection of Photography

A woman owned heritage business in Washington State since 1982

    While most of the photographers whose work is represented in my collection have passed on ~ leaving only their photographs that contribute to our historical records ~ they still deserve recognition for their important contributions.
     Most were very respected professionals in their day and sought after for their artistry and talents. Almost all were also successful operators of small businesses with families to support and active participants within their communities.  Most, although often referred to as 'working photographers' who shot photos for hire for commercial purposes, they also took great pride and time with their photographs.  And a few were amateurs that took photos for the simple love of making a photograph.
    photographers, like Mary Mires, made photos as documents of a person, a time or way of life ~ quickly passing ~ knowing full well what they were doing...and, why.  
     All photographers use photography to express themselves and as a communication tool.
And most did not intend to make 'art' photographs to hang in museums, many of their images are now an important part of museum and art collections and enjoyed by all ages and internationally.
     my collection has images by over one hundred different Photographers, I begin posting the photographs and photographers that I've worked with the most. I will continue to add as often as I can. I hope you enjoy each one as much as I do and appreciate their contributions for more than just - windows in time.   ~ s. Parish

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