A Generational Legacy Built on Artistic Expertise
Joseph C. Jeffers (1903-1924): Following his apprenticeship with an older established local photographer, A.D. Rogers, Joe launched Jeffers Studio.
Opal Prigmore Jeffers (1924-1930): Taking the reins after her husband's passing, Opal ensured the studio's continued operation. She focused primarily on portrait photography, keeping the business afloat until their son Vibert's return.
Vibert Jeffers (1930-1973): Vibert, upon his return from school at the University of Washington, brought new energy and a distinctive style to the portrait and commercial studio newly influenced by his professional studies of the mid-century lighting techniques in Los Angeles. Partnering with his wife, Wenzel, he ushered in the studio's next era.
The Jeffers Studio Archives offer an invaluable resource for understanding Washington's past. This extensive collection encompasses:
State and local government: The studio documented the workings of government, capturing buildings, politicians, and historical events.
Portraits: Countless portraits of Olympia's residents, from families to business leaders, create a rich tapestry of human stories.
Businesses: A visual record of Olympia's commercial life, showcasing diverse businesses and their contributions to the city's development.
Aerial views: Breathtaking bird's-eye perspectives offer a unique glimpse into Olympia's evolving landscape.
Streetscapes and events: Everyday life in Olympia comes alive through images of streets, celebrations, and other community gatherings.
Industry and Architecture: The archives capture the city's architectural evolution and industrial development.
The Jeffers Art Studio photographs not only provide a very pleasing window into a bygone era but are a lasting legacy for generations to come they are a testament to the Jeffers family's dedication to their craft and artistry.

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