"100+ years at the intersection of capitol way & 4th Avenue" ~ Olympia, Washington

This public display of historic photographs gleaned from my collection shows viewers this important crossroads through the years ~ what's changed and what's remained.  This primary intersection, located in Washington State's Capitol City was the main thoroughfare for travelers from Canada to Mexico until Interstate 5 was built in the 1950s. On three of the four corners stand buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks to funding from Olympia Artspace Alliance and assistance from Lucy Gentry.   * Prints available Shadow Catchers
project:  "CAPITOL THEATER & 5th Avenue History", OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON
   This is a permanent display of historic photographs (primarily by Vibert Jeffers, Jeffers Studio) located in the Olympia Film Society's office on 5th Avenue East downtown next door to the theater. Thanks to funding from the Olympia Film Society. Installation in March 2022. The photographs below are part of this display which is open for viewing when the OFS office is open. All art is printed on metal. All photographs are available for sale at Shadow Catchers.
Note from Parish:  This new website is still under construction & always will be - as my journey as a Shadow Catcher is never-ending and the photographs and stories behind them timeless.  The main purpose of this website is for sharing and learning ~ about my collection and the visual history of the region.  Many of the photographs on this site are not ready for production and distribution. The RAW scans or Quick Pics are meant to be shared to educate and entertain.  Those photographs I've edited and are ready for purchase I will post to my Shadow Catchers which will soon have eCommerce ability or Contact Me by Email if you see something here you are interested in licensing or purchasing.   I hope you enjoy viewing these Windows in Time...and learning about our history through photography.
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