The following is a very short synopsis of the larger Jeffers art studio story which i have published in the past and will be coming out with a book in 2024 - 100 year anniversary of the death of Vibe's father Joe Jeffers on mt. olympus.
During the thirties, Vibert Jeffers promoted his family’s photography business by driving around Olympia in a bright yellow roadster emblazoned with the depression-era slogan of Jeffers Studio: "If there's beauty we take it, if there isn't we make it."
Born in Olympia in 1905, Vibert spent the early part of his life at the side of his father Joseph “Joe” Jeffers, who along with his mother, Opal Prigmore Jeffers, had founded and operated Jeffers Art Studio in Olympia, Washington and built it into a well-regarded and prospering local enterprise.  At Vibert's retirement in 1971 his family had left a Legacy of over 100,000 negatives...

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