The Susan Parish Collection of Photography

​​​​​​​A Woman-Owned Heritage business since 1982

​​​​​​​Fortunately, the  Great 'Lock-Down' Didn't bother me as much as many others  ~ as the saying goes "photographers do it in the dark".  As my commercial installations stopped ~ as most are in locations open to the public then even small personal orders stopped also... I've kept busy cataloging and scanning negatives and finally mastered enough of website design to start filling up Photo Galleries with new/old photographs!
The Galleries contain both ready-to-print and license photo files ~ as well as "RAW" files. RAW files have not been edited and will have 'RAW' in their SKU or file name and will have to be edited prior to ordering.  The photos I have EDITED the digital file and will be on the Shadow Catchers website. I will also be uploading other items from my collection that are related including Vintage Items for sale as I par down my collection and New Sections ~ like my Visual History Projects, Stories and Oral Histories, and, my own New Designs and  Art. ​​​​​​​

viewing a Jeffers 8x10 negative on the light table, 1983

Mine is the largest privately owned collection of historical negatives in the PNW and it's my business. Although I've happily accepted donations most of what I have I purchased as a single working mom in love with my region and photography.  And, as much as I love to show/share photographs from my collection and have donated a LOT from my collection to those involved in doing local history projects~ Unfortunately, the photos I spend so much of my resources on are so often 'taken'  and used without respect for the artists/photographers without whose hard work and talent we wouldn't know what our past looked like!  So I've had to watermark them for online viewing.  My work is only funded by sales and licensing images only - whereas other collections receive public funding and have paid staff to help. Thanks for respecting our Artists of the Past and your understanding that I deserve to make a living doing what I love and that benefits our communities. Enjoy browsing and learning history here!   Thanks for your visit and I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.     Susan Parish, Olympia, Washington February 2023

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